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“In just the one day, I saw remarkable progress in the ability of every participant.”


“The instructor’s knowledge, confidence and up-beat personality inspired us.”


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Presentation skills training gives you a competitive edge for

Every Presentation has a mission: secure the contract, win the shortlist pursuit, obtain management’s approval, persuade each board member. Strong communication skills are essential for business success. For 30 years, The Professional Voice has provided presentation training that yields quick results, confident speakers and impactful presentations.

Our proven approach increases each speaker’s impact by making them confident, persuasive, concise and memorable. Experienced instructors provide interactive exercises for beginning, intermediate and advanced level presenters. Group workshops and individual coaching provide state-of–the-art techniques to strengthen content, voice, delivery and Q&A skills. You’ll enhance your communication skills, deliver more powerful presentations, and increase your shortlist win ratio.

The Professional Voice will improve your ability to engage, connect and persuade when communicating to internal and external audiences. Want to be more impactful with clients, at your firm and in your industry? Whether preparing for important presentations, shortlist interview, courtroom appearance or meeting with management, The Professional Voice gives you the confidence, techniques and skills to deliver your message effectively and achieve results.

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The Professional Voice’s proven techniques help you achieve quick and dramatic results. In all of our coaching, training and workshops you receive:

What great presenters have learned from Elite athletes! ...
The Worst Presentation Advice Ever! ...
Increase your podium power ...